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School Safety Communication

Palyground Mats

We are in line for new matting, but in the meantime, the square mats with large holes were replaced this morning. 

Update on the bushes...

Just to let you know that the district is coming out to trim back the bushes one section at a time, therefore it might not be as noticeable that they are in the process of being cut/scaled back.

10/12/15 - Mrs. Juarez


Dear Parents,

I was happy to be back at school today!  I just wanted to give you a couple of quick updates.  Today, I reached out to the police officer that came out last week to take the report.  He said police response will always be available for us and that they are in constant contact with patrol officers in the foothill division who share our concern.  They put out a BOL (be on the lookout) and officers that work in the area are asked to be extra vigilant and sensitive to any calls for service at our school.

I met with district personnel this morning and ordered surveillance cameras to be installed around the school in November (December at the very latest.)  The monitors will be stationed in the front office, so that we can monitor the exterior of the school at all times.

Our district views our bushes as a barrier and a deterrent.   I did however ask for them to be trimmed and cut way back.

We’ll continue to keep the service gate closed and locked during the school day.  Please do not allow your child to jump over the fence to get to the playground.  I am also having panic bars installed up at the bus-loop, so that the we can push out, but you can’t enter back in.

In addition to these safety enhancements, I would also like to share with you a few other purchases I have made for our school.  I ordered canopies for the big playground, as well as for the kindergarten playground to provide more shade.  I ordered umbrella tables for the blacktop and kindergarten area, and I’ve also purchased turf grass for the kindergarten area.

Thank you so much for your continued support and please let me know if you have any questions. 


Mrs. Juarez

October 7, 2015 - Mrs. Ruth Stephens Radle (Acting Principal)


Good Afternoon.  This is a message from Carolyn Clark School. This message is a status update related to the “homeless” man who has been on our school campus. As you are aware there have been 3 reported incidents.  We are taking this situation very seriously.

We have secured access points around the campus as appropriate and in line with fire code regulations.  We have extra supervision during recess times.  We continue to stay in close contact with the SJPD about the situation.  Lastly, if your child is feeling worried and you as the parent would like additional support please contact the front office.

To see the previous communications please visit and select the safety tab.

Please remind your students to always be aware of their surrounding and to alert an adult immediately if they see anyone or anything suspicious.      

Thank you and please contact the front office if you have any questions.

October 6, 2015 - Mrs. Juarez


Dear Parents,

I wanted to communicate with you the information that I received.  Today during the 3/4 recess, a man was seen lurking behind the bushes in the back of the field.  He was spotted right away and this was communicated immediately to the front office.  They were able to respond quickly.  911 was called and Admin. Designee, Ruth Stephens-Radle put the school under a "Shelter in Place" protocol that wasn't lifted until the police gave the all clear to the school.  This meant that the students had to stay inside while the police checked out and secured the area. 

Between staff members and support staff, we have coordinated to ensure there is adequate supervision before school, after school and during recess.  Staff members will be monitoring the back gate/fence area closely.  I was told that after the "Shelter in Place" was lifted, the students were allowed to be back out on the blacktop, but not on the grass area today.

The police department has been very supportive and are committed to making sure the community and our children are safe, as well as getting this person, who appears to be homeless, the help that he needs.   

Mrs. Stephens-Radle (POSA), Principal on Special Assignment is here to support our school this week.  She will be around to field any questions you may have in my absence. 

*Please know that your child's safety is my number one priority.  Although last week's incidents occurred on Wednesday and Thursday after school, IT WAS NOT BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION UNTIL FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, at which point I did my investigation.  I interviewed students, parents, contacted the district office & the police, secured the perimeter, placed additional yard-duty out at dismissal and communicated to the parent community a description of the perpetrator (all by 3 pm).  Yesterday, I received a report that the person was picked up on a neighborhood yahoo group that I could NOT confirm and continued to work with the police to ensure the safety of my students.  I was hoping to be able to communicate this to you, but instead an incident happened today. 

We also need your help to support us in this matter and to be vigilant and aware of anything suspicious.  Please let the office staff know immediately if you see anything unusual.  The teachers have talked to the students about going straight to a trusted adult if they see anything suspicious as well.

Thank you for your continued support in this matter.      

Mrs. Gina Juarez

District Office
There have been reports of a man hanging around the perimeter of Carolyn Clark school at the end of the school day, approaching students asking if they want to "go with him". One incident occurred on Wednesday around 3:30 pm which was observed by a parent who "shooed" the man away. She described him as disheveled, in his 40s, dark hair, thin, long brown robe/coat holding a 6 ft. stick/staff, wearing a red, blue and white plaid shirt, maybe wearing a hat (beanie), skinny, Asian/Filipino, black hair, holed pants, holed shoes, loud voice, tired looking, slouching as he walked, slightly "off". The second report involved a man in his 30s or 40s sitting on the bench next to kindergarten at dismissal on Thursday. He was described by a student witness in a manner that matched the previous description. Police have been notified and two reports were taken. Police will share the description and patrol the area for two weeks. While these incidents took place at Carolyn Clark, all parents in the District should be advised to keep en eye out for any suspicious behavior; please report any such behavior to the police and your school. We will update with any further information. 

Update Your Parent Portal Emergency Contact Information

Most of our parents have signed up for Parent Portal but many have not entered the emergency contact information.  Please take the time to do this.  Make sure you you list ALL (5) adults who may be picking up your child from school.  We will NOT release your child to a person who is NOT on your list. Parents if you have not yet registered, please do so now.  You will need an Access code and Access ID that was mailed home 8/4/2014.  If you do not have the letter please come to the Office to get a copy.  Register at