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District Policies

Evergreen School District Policies


It is important to us that you know and understand several of our district policies.  You should have already received a handbook of Evergreen School District’s Policy.  These policies are for your information and will be discussed with your children in the upcoming weeks.  Should you have any questions or like a copy in Spanish or Vietnamese, please contact the office.

Click here to access the District Policies.



Clark Elementary Birthday Policies


Although we recognize that birthdays are a very special time for children and they deserve recognition, school district guidelines and board policy (BP5030) prohibit bringing food or drinks to school for birthday celebrations. These guidelines and policies are in place to support the consistent educational message of student wellness and healthy lifestyle whether in the classroom, cafeteria or at home. Additional impacts include:

  • Loss of instructional time.
  • Logistical constraints placed on teachers.
  • Concern for our many students with food allergies.
  • Added strain on the office and custodial staff. 

If parents choose to provide items to classmates in celebration of birthdays, some alternative items may include pencils, bookmarks, stickers, or perhaps donating a book to the school or classroom library. 

Teachers may elect to honor students as they see fit by giving special recognition, singing of songs, special classroom duties, etc. 

Also, balloon bouquets can be distractive and/or disruptive to instruction and therefore parents are reminded of the school policy that balloon bouquets will not be delivered to classrooms during the school day. We want to thank you for your support of the school and district policies. Working together we can maintain our focus on providing a safe and productive environment at Clark School.




Bullying is a serious issue that every school in the nation faces. The Evergreen School District Board of Trustees and employees, recognize the harmful effects of bullying on learning and attendance in school. As a result, we strive to provide safe school environments, protecting students from both the physical and emotional harm of bullying.

It is important to note this problem does not only occur at school. Bullying is a larger, community-wide issue and therefore, students, parents, and educators all have a role in addressing these situations and in changing school culture. Bullying is also affected by what happens in the home, neighborhood, and when students use online technology.  Clearly we need to work together in order to take action whenever it occurs. This includes when a child is the victim, is bullying others or is a witness of bullying.

Forms are now available for students and parents to file a  report of these occurrences.  Click here for more information.



Child Nutrition Services

If you have any questions, call the Child Nutrition Services office at 223-4500.