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Please click below to download a flyer with PTA Advocacy Updates:

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Welcome!  Do you know PTA does more than raise funds for programs and supplies at your school?

Do you know your PTA, just a generation ago, did NO fundraising for schools because California schools were the model schools for the U.S. ranking in the top five in funding and academic performance?  Now statewide, California (outside of Palo Alto) ranks near bottom in per-student funding (cost of living adjusted) and academic performance.  So, PTAs shifted to incorporate fundraising.

Some moms started PTA over 115 years ago, as an advocacy organization for children.  Their primary mission was to get children out of the factories and into the schools.

PTA is now the largest and oldest all-volunteer advocacy organization for children in California.

Because of CA PTA advocacy, we have Kindergarten, a Juvenile Justice system (so children aren’t tried as adults), mandatory immunizations, bicycle helmet laws, hot and healthy lunches, a minimum forty percent state general funds level for our schools, and so much more.

California PTA current advocacy goals are:

  • Increase per-pupil funding by $3000 to move California toward the national average
  • A full curriculum which eliminates the opportunity gap and ensures all children succeed
  • One billion dollars of one-time funding for family engagement

What can you do?

1.      Join Carolyn Clark PTA.  More voices means more power behind PTA advocacy efforts to improve Carolyn Clark and the schools in our communities and statewide.  Pick up the PTA membership form at the Carolyn Clark main office or print out the form:

2.      Sign up for CA PTA Legislation “Action Alerts” – alerting you to timely email from Sacramento on behalf of our students:

Upcoming PTA Advocacy Events

Join us at the annual Sixth District PTA Legislative Roundtable, November 12, 2015, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., to share your views with our locally elected representatives.  FREE.


We welcome/encourage/want! your participation in Carolyn Clark and Evergreen PTA advocacy.

Sanobar Mehta, Advocacy Chair, Carolyn Clark PTA,